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Advanced Course Development for Law Enforcement

- Instructional Design for Law Enforcement Instructors -

This course is designed for law enforcement instructors who want to enhance their training course development capabilities. Based on a combination of military and corporate training concepts and designed specifically for the needs and limitations of law enforcement, this course provides best practices for creating training that helps defend against liability issues.

This is an intensive experience which provides the science, processes, and systems behind Instructional Systems Design that is missing in most instructor certification courses. You will be actively building a course as you apply theory and processes to develop legally defensible training. This training is significantly more than creating an outline and slide deck.

You will learn and be able to:
– Perform analysis, including a performance task analysis
– Develop a Training Design Plan
– Create effective and measurable performance objectives
– Create instructor and participant guides and slide decks
– Create rubrics and scenario control documentation
– Develop defensible tests that have content validity
– Create evaluation tools that measure course efficacy


Day 1: Introduction to Instructional Design, vicarious liability, agency training needs and resource analysis

We cover the theory and purpose of instructional design and take the first steps in developing a course. We also provide the difference between learning theories and learning myths.

Day 2: Course design and mapping

You will begin the process of designing your course of training by creating a Training Design and Measurement Plan.

Day 3: Development - course materials development, with special attention on creating realistic scenarios and role play training

You will start building the outline, add content, build an Instructor Guide, and develop a scenario.

Day 4: Development (cont.) and quality assurance

Develop slide decks, participant guides, and discuss Quality Assurance and review processes.

Day 5: Deployment, testing, and evaluation

Discuss what happens after you have completed development of your course and next steps.

Follow-up meeting

To complete this course, each participant is required to follow-up with the instructor within 90 days of training to discuss the process, answer any additional questions, and discuss the process.


All participants will receive templates and examples to assist in the development of all work discussed in class. Participants need to bring with them a laptop loaded with Microsoft Office or have access to computers during classroom hours to perform in-class work.

Each participant should have a training topic ready to develop. This topic should be something the individual has some degree of expertise in, but not something already developed or created.